Bisnow Article Highlights Streamline Capital

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SPECIAL REPORT: Meet The Office Owners Fighting To Save Thousands Of Older Buildings


The world’s leading commercial real estate B2B platform, Bisnow, highlights Streamline Capital and our fight to revitalize old office buildings.

Arizona-based Streamline Capital Group launched in January, then made its first acquisition this summer of a 40K SF office building. Principal David Hrizak said the company is embracing the Class-B segment as it looks for more deals. 

“When times are good and businesses are formed, or businesses move out of their homes, they move into a Class-B,” he said. “When times are bad, they move out of Class-A to Class-B. We’re able to catch the up wave and we’re able to catch the down wave. We serve small businesses, and most businesses in America are classified as small businesses.”


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